Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013? - page 3

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I am starting this to hopefully meet some other students, to get more knowledge from others and share information. I can't wait to start, and it will be 2 years of waiting this Fall!! Thank you and good luck to everybody:)... Read More

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    Congrats ! I also received an email for summer and I'm getting nervous now.
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    Congrats you all of you to be able to start the nursing journey early XD!!

    So is there a certain time you have to reply to the email?
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    yes it says to reply by march 8 at 5pm
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    I got an email too! I replied,I hope it works out for us
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    I hope I can an email too. I keep checking everyday. I was supposed to start in the summer but the business department messed up and didn't clear my account when I paid the application, so I got bumped to the fall . I'm ready to do this!
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    Did anyone hear from the school yet for early acceptance?
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    check your email they just sent it recently! I got accepted!
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    I just checked it!! I got in!!yea!! Congrats josie! And to everybody else
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    I got in too. I'm so nervous now. Now I have to give my job notice...I need to buy a car because I was using company car and I will have to pay for gas now lol. I really want to do this and congrats to all who got in. Those who didn't get in hang tight for next semester. God bless!
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    I got one too. But I dont know if I want to go with it or not. Because I really want to do the concurrent if I do go to Valencia. Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to be accepted?