Any helpful hints on Fluid and Electrolytes ????

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    hi everyone,

    i am in nursing school and we are on fluid and electrolytes. i was wondering if anyone has any helpful hints on retaining all of the information (maybe that has helped you in the past) or any books or websites that may help.

    thanks in advance !!!!

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    Almost all the college bookstores have NCLEX review books that have sections on F & E. Also have specific books like, F & E Made Easy, etc. Our library has a few choices on their shelves. There are dozens of them out there and several people in our class have used a variety of them. No substitute for reading the text chapters, imho, but these books do condense and compartmentalize this kind of stuff.

    Good luck,
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    the easiest way for me to learn them was to actually see them...but you need to be in clinicals for this. If you are in clinical already, I would try to take a renal patient, look over the labs for a couple of days, make some notes, and follow up by reading over the normal values, the patient's values, and what your might expect...pick just a couple of values a day to focus on...reading and rereading is good but for me, I have to see it for it to make more sense...
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    thanks a lot for your reply.... i bought fluid and electrolytes made easy to help me out. and i read my book. i think i will do fine. thanks again for the reply!!!!

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