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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me any opinions or information about flight nursing in the air force, especially in the reserves? I woudl appreciate any information. Thank you. Kimberly Rush... Read More

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    Thank you so much for the list. I tried to send you a PM back, however, the site will not let me PM until I have 15 post.

    Anyway, thank you again. Have you heard anything about enlisting for a flight nurse position before you have completed the BSN? I was reading somewhere about the AF accepting students that were within 2 years of obtaining their BSN and paying them while they finish school? Of course, as always, you make up your commitment with an extended contract. Just curious if anyone has heard of such a program, and what they think about it?

    ~ZackN EMT-P

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    If you want to be a USAFR Flight Nurse, you should just knock out the BSN then apply.

    In the interim, research the list of squadrons you were sent and get familiar with the commanders, chief nurses and recruiters that are working with them. Try to get some direct contact information and that may help with the recruiting process (depending on the caliber of the recruiter).

    Good luck!
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    I've been retired from the 446 th AES sq. McChord AFB Wa. for nearly 15 years now. It sounds like it has changed a lot I was on the C 130 and C 141 with some C 9 experience Loved it
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    Absolutely. You can see a lot of the changes that have taken place just by reading through this entire thread. Copious amounts of very helpful information. Still trying to knock out school so I can get on with it!

    Anyone know what the current deployments are like? (i.e. How long? Are you stationed at a FOB or something of the sort just running patients out of theater and back, etc?)
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    FlyingED, would you recommend AF Reserves or AF Active Duty for flight nursing? Is it difficult getting into flight nursing after joining as an officer?

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