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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me any opinions or information about flight nursing in the air force, especially in the reserves? I woudl appreciate any information. Thank you. Kimberly Rush... Read More

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    Do you know how long it takes to hear back on school dates with the AF Reserves? I am still waiting (which seems to be the military motto), to hear on dates requested back on March 9th! My Capt said it would take six weeks, well needless to say, we are past that timeframe! Any ideas or suggestions? My Capt is now on Maternity leave and I don't want to step on toes but isn't there anyone that I can talk to? I know I have a year to go to COT but hanging in limbo sucks! I want to plan a family vacation but can't because I'm waiting!

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    I just got back from RCOT (COT for reservists). I found out I was going 2 days before class began. If you feel that your unit education manager is not responding to you then do not be afraid to contact the wing education manager. The wing education manager is usually an ART position, so they are working 5 days a week.
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    I am so ready to go! would love to get a call a couple days before I need to be there! We'll see! How was RCOT? One of my Squadron mates was there the same time as you, she should be back and then to Flight Nurse school! Thanks for your response!
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    I'm going to COT in Aug! What clothing is recomended! I have all of my Blues and ABU's, but was curious of the type of suit case we can use and do we take any civilian clothes other than what we wear on the day we fly there?
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    I went a LONG time ago, but we had civvies and wore them to the "O" club for dinner and had plenty of time for weekends to act like women.
    I've not read the whole thread, but congrats on becomming a USAF flight nurse! I was in the Air National Guard, during Nam, and flew out of Clark AFB in the Phillipines. TIt was one of the smartest moves I have made in my career.
    Take a bathing suit, shorts, usual clothing. Don't over pack. You can always go shopping. I will say, have extra cash in your checking account in case your paychecks are delayed. Not something I thought of. We went to officer's training in Montgomery, then straight to San Antonio---both were HOT and HUMID. Just be prepared for that.
    One thing to also watch out for is drinking -- you can put on a LOT of weight and extra fluid if you go out a lot and drink more often than you usually do. Besides, you should be studying. LOL, ok, really, you should be. It's not all that easy of a course, but you will love learning new ways of nursing.
    Then, have a great time!
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    I don't know if this has been addressed already, but as far as what to wear when you arrive: Wear some business casual. I would avoid jeans, shorts, etc. Tuck in your shirt or you will be reminded and asked in a not so nice way to dress more appropriately. I would bring 1 more civilian clothes. You will probably not even leave the OTS campus for several weeks. We didn't leave until the last day for our 'night out' dinner where you will wear mess dress.
    Good luck PM me if you have any other questions.. do you already have dates for flight school?

    Here are a couple of sites that will help you:


    This one will help you quite a bit:

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    Have there been any updates lately as to the current demand for AF Reserve Flight Nurses? What are the deployments like these days? Do you have time to go to school for an MSN while working as an AFR flight nurse?

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    Have there been any updates lately as to the current demand for AF Reserve Flight Nurses? What are the deployments like these days? Do you have time to go to school for an MSN while working as an AFR flight nurse?

    The Air Force is still hiring flight nurses. It will depend on which base you are wanting to go to. Deployments are still voluntary and going to school usually does not pose any conflicts. We have several techs/nurses that are going to school full time. As long as you can make time for the monthly drill you will be able to accomplish everything you need to. I personally would not begin a MSN program until you have completed all of the required initial training, which can take 3-6 months (depends on your prior military history).

    PM me if any other questions come up.
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    Oh okay, excellent! I'm currently enrolled in a ASN program right now, but will be advancing to a BSN as soon as I am finished. So, I still have a little time, but I've always wanted to serve. Where could I find a list of squadrons that staff flight nurses?

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    Sent list via PM.

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