UCSD Residency Spring 2017

  1. Hello all!

    Anyone applying for the open positions at UCSD for their Spring cohort? I began checking their site daily to see when the positions would open up, but I was always seeing the message that said something like, "no applications are being accepted at this time, jobs will appear as they open up." I eventually manually searched their jobs site and found 3 new grad positions so I applied for them.

    What about you? What units did you apply to? Let's support and keep each other updated through this process!
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  3. by   ENBERN
    I applied to all 3 units but got "Application Processed" for two units and one unit is still "Application Received". Have you gotten anything?

    What does "application processed" mean? I've heard that it's a bad thing and I saw another comment saying it could go either way.
  4. by   Katiekat RN, BSN
    I applied to all three as well, but none of them have changed from "Application Received." I haven't heard anything about what "Application Processed" means- hopefully it's good! I just took NCLEX yesterday so I'm hoping that gets things moving pretty soon. Do you have your license/any special certifications? I took ACLS just to apply for these positions, but other than that and the fact that I recently started working at an outpatient health clinic as a medical assistant, I don't really have that competitive of a resume. Praying I get an interview anyway!
  5. by   Katiekat RN, BSN
    Just checked the UCSD website and there's another job open for Trauma PCU! The filing deadline is the 29th.