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I'm a new grad RN, and I just accepted a med/surg tele unit position at rural hospital in my hometown. Initially, I was told by the NM that I would have a six week orientation. Well, earlier this week when I stopped in to get my... Read More

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    I wouldn't do it. I just started working in med/surg and even as an experienced RN (just a different specialty) they are giving me 6-8 weeks orientation time. Employers are known for doing that; being short staffed and shortening orientation periods. Let her know that you appreciate the opportunity with them but if the orientation period cannot be extended you may not be able to stay with the company. There are two things that are more important that your job: the lives of the patients and your nursing license. We all need money and we need to work but we do not need to be put into a situation where the patients and your future in nursing are at risk. And trust me, that is a VERY BIG RISK! Do not underestimate it.

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    Ask for more time. As others have said, 2 1/2 weeks is ridiculously short. I had 6 weeks and I was very nervous when I was on my own. Having a shorter orientation for new grads seems to be more common nowadays because of staffing. Talk to your NM.
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    I agree, talk to her and see if more time is possible. I just finished my 7th day of training on a sub acute unit on a SNF .. I am NOT ready to go on my own! Thank god, they've said I'll get 6ish weeks with a preceptor. There's just so much to learn: all the policies, get set up with logins for Pyxis, computer, etc, getting familiar with the charting and documentation and unit let alone getting a routine down.. Two weeks is definitely not enough!
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    Thank you all for your responses. I'm going to try to speak with her tomorrow before my first shift Wednesday. I really want this position because it will benefit me greatly, and it I'm very lucky to be the new grad who was hired. I just hope things work out.
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