student needs a nurse to interview

  1. Hello, I am first year student and I need to interview a nurse who have been in the profession for about 3 years or more. (more years the better) I love to get insight from any nurse who love to share. I would like for a mental health nurse to respond but if not any nurse can respond to the interview.

    1. What is your clinical area of practice?

    2. What is your personal philosophy of nursing?

    3. How do you use information learned in nursing school to take care of patients such as assessment, planning, interventions and evaluation of care delivered ( nursing process), time management and learning skills, etc?

    4. How do you collaborate and communicate with other health professionals?

    5. How do you deal with the frustrations and stressors on the job?

    6. Do you mentor other aspiring professionals? If so how? If not why?

    7. How do you recognize your limits and ask for help as needed?

    8. How do you demonstrate healthy coping behaviors?

    9. How do you participate in lifelong learning ( ie attend seminars, continuing education programs, membership in professional orgainizations, educational programs, subscribe to journals, use websites for nursing practice)

    10. What do you see as the biggest challenge in the nursing profession currently faces. What can nurse do to address this issue?
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  3. by   MB37
    I've only been a nurse for a few weeks, so I can't answer. This should be posted in the "Nursing Student Assistance Forums" to get more responses. Pretty much everyone here is a new grad or soon to be one. Ask the mods to move your post, and good luck!