Starting as a new nurse in 2 months - how should I prepare?

  1. Hi all! So to give some background, I just graduated May 2017 from a BSN program. I took my NCLEX beginning of July, which was almost 3 months ago.

    I will be starting a new grad job on a busy med-surg floor, but it isn't for another 2 months. I feel like I have already forgotten some stuff from the NCLEX and from school because it's been so many months

    Basically, my question is, what should I brush up on/materials I should look over to prepare myself for a med-surg position? Basically I want to try to refresh on some things I learned from school so I don't go in forgetting everything!

    I am planning on looking over the Kaplan 300 most common meds and going over a full head-to-toe assessment. I'm going to brush up on lab values I may have forgotten over the past few months. I was considering reading over all the adult sections in the Saunders NCLEX book, but would that be overkill?

    I'm not trying to re-learn everything, but I do want to make it a bit easier for myself as a new nurse so I'm not as prone to mistakes And so when I do start training, I can focus on my weak areas or things I didn't learn in nursing school (inserting IVs) instead of everything, especially since my training period is only 10 weeks on floor. Thank you all!