1. Looking to connect with other students completing the RN to BSN (aka ADN to BSN or OCNE AD grad) program starting Fall 2011 at OHSU.

    Anybody out there?
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    I was going to apply for the bridge program (bachelor's in non-nursing) for nurse-midwifery. Ugh I was in LOVE with the school (online at least) but then I read that they only admit 8 bridge CNM students per application cycle, so I decided it wasn't worth it... My stats are average, not spectacular, and since OHSU is the #1 in nurse-midwifery, I decided to forgo it. Unless someone out there can tell me they admit more than that??!

    Good luck, though! What specialty did you choose? And if you don't mind me asking, what are your stats (gre, gpa, etc.)

  4. by   EyeSeeYuRN
    Hi Emily. The program that I am doing is not a "specialty" program, it's just the bachelors of science in nursing. And I can't really speak to how hard it was to get into OHSU, because Oregon has a special program with some of it's community colleges where, after you graduate with your ADN, you get automatic enrollment into OHSU. (I just had to say, yes, I'm coming), instead of doing the whole enrollment process.
  5. by   JCRN09
    I'm staring the OCNE RN-BSN in the Spring and wanted to know how you like the program. Everyone I talked to is super helpful. How intense is the program? I'm going to do part-time 6 terms since I currently work full time as an RN. Interested to hear! Thanks
  6. by   EyeSeeYuRN
    I did full time program (3 terms) plus worked full time (nights). It was grueling...not difficult material but time consuming work... But now I'm done. Worth it in every regard for me.
  7. by   JCRN09
    Oh wow! I bet it was grueling in 3 terms. I figured I didn't wanna stretch myself too thin because I also want to work an on-call position in addition to my full time job. I realize bachelors programs are a lot of papers, so I'm assuming this one is the same? What were your clinicals like? Any insight would be great! Thanks