Remembering your skills and applying them to your first job.

  1. Hey guys! <3

    I have recently graduated and obtained a job as an LPN, but it's been months since I've practiced my skills (PEG care and flushes, trache care and suctioning, respiratory treatments, wound care and dressing changes, accucheck and insulin med administration, and straight catheter insertion and removal [on a male only]). Also, there are skills I never got to do (Foley catheter insertion and removal) and those I've done only once (performed an IM injection and hung an IV bag).

    Are there any websites I can go to that have videos of the skills I need to review to be able to pass the probationary period at my job? And/or, is there any advice anyone would be willing to afford me? I am concerned about being too overconfident in my first job and ultimately failing.

    Thank you!
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