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Hello all. I graduated last May and work as an RN on both the m/s and the tele floor. I work part time, 3 days per week, 3-11. I am experiencing tremendous regret feelings for having become a nurse. I went from first feeling the... Read More

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    I wanted to add to this discussion that the other day I had 5 patients, that's right FIVE! I actually felt like a nurse and not a headless chicken for once. I got to educate my patients, talk to them, teach them all about their meds, upcoming procedures, diagnoses, change all the IV lines, restock the med cart, look through their charts and read up on their progress notes, histories, lab work, etc. I left work only 8 minutes late and I drove home without crying. What a difference. I think based on the acuity of the section I had, 7 patients would still be reasonable. But no matter the acuity, 11 patients is far too much on m/s or tele floor.

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    1:9-11 RN patient ratio? One word comes to mind: absurd. There is absolutely no way you can safely administer meds, after checking three times, allergies, dosages, explanation of rationale, etc. to 9 patients within your alloted time. I would give my notice, walk out with my license in-tact, and never look back. I have 1:5 on a high acuity floor and it feels overwhelming quite frequently. Good luck to you. I hope you find a better hospital with a better union.
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    Today I randomly received a call from a recruiter at a hospital in the area. I have not applied there since December. What timing.. now that things are so insane at my work place. Very strange! It's for a smallish hospital (<200 beds) which I like (that's what I like most about where I work is that it's a small community hospital). But, I know the grass isn't always greener, and I'm nervous to try venturing out again. And to make it worse, the hospital that called is part of a large health system in the area (they operate several local hospitals and such) and this particular hospital's union contract expired a couple of months ago and the new contract keeps getting voted down. Next vote is a strike vote. I don't want to start on that note! Looks like things are not looking up for us nurses nearly everywhere
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