Possible Job Dilemma

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    My dilemma is whether to choose from a 8-5 M-F Clinical Pulmonary job within a hospital system, or a rehab hospital position that is nights. I am still considered a new grad with only 6 months of correctional nursing experience and my goal is to one day be a L&D nurse (I know neither of these jobs match).....

    So I was wondering which job would be the best to pick, or does it not matter and should I just choose the one that gives the best pay/hours/benefits.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I think the rehab hospital would be considered acute care, and therefore give you a better chance at being hired into a hospital than a clinic position.
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    Does correctional nursing not count as acute?
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    Quote from itsnowornever
    Does correctional nursing not count as acute?
    No. It is considered a community health or public health position. Acute care experience generally means an inpatient hospital setting.
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    So it might be difficult to go back into acute care even through the same organization? The clinic is apart of hospital system.