Online rescheduling of NCLEX didn't work!!! I'm in no-show hell

  1. So I found out yesterday that I am in a bit of a pickle...I registered a month ago, changed the date to a week later (as I was taking a Kaplan course and wanted time to review after it) and the computer screen said something along the lines of "your new test date is ---- at ---- location". But I didn't know that I did not get the confirmation email stating me new NCLEX date. I was looking up the test center directions yesterday and saw a "no show" under my appointment. I paid the $200 schedule again, but then read the fine print that no-shows ATT's are invalidated and have to obtain new ones! After bawling my eyes out I see that I can't do anything about it until Monday (why is a huge company like Pearson Vue not have a single representative in the entire US available on the weekends??!! This seems irresponsible on their end). I feel like such an idiot after being such a studious nursing student and checking everything twice, now I might not get my job (orientation is in a week) because I don't have an ATT, which means that I cannot sign up to take the NCLEX or even see which dates are available near me (when I "rescheduled" two weeks ago dates are at least a week out at my closest site).

    Has anyone else had this happen? It seems like it should be my fault, but I was not sleep deprived when I changed the date and all I can think of is that my internet temporarily went off and the last little bit that was needed to tell Pearson to change the date didn't go through.
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  3. by   masry123
    yes, this happend to me but I did show up. Wat happend is they never send any letter to me as they usd to but I did went anywat and took my test cause they never ask you about that letter anyway only your ATT letter. good luck
  4. by   rebe
    It sounds like you tried to reschedule for earlier. Am I correct? When you say letter is that the same as the email I received with the ATT word doc attachment? Your case sounds curious just like mine. I am glad yours worked out well!
  5. by   BA2009
    I had a similar thing happen to me but dont worry so much. I talked to my orientation director and told her the situation, she said she had seen this come up many times and allowed me more time to get the ATT to her. Stay calm and enjoy your after-graduation celebration!
  6. by   thechairhopper
    This exact same thing has happened to me! I'm about to die! Please tell me what happened with you situation. -Thanks
  7. by   annie0422
    I felt like I was the one who wrote the the article up there. I really dont know what to do. If I show up at the exam tomorrow will they let me take the test?
  8. by   Double-Helix
    Quote from annie0422
    I felt like I was the one who wrote the the article up there. I really dont know what to do. If I show up at the exam tomorrow will they let me take the test?
    Annie, this original post is over three years old.
    Call Pearson VUE as soon as you can tomorrow, before you go in to take your test. They have probably encountered this before and may be able to help you. If you can't contact Pearson VUE before your test (if you have an early time) go to your test like you planned and see if you are approved. If not, maybe the Pearson VUE rep at the test center can help you figure it out.

    Try posting your own thread about this in the NCLEX forum. You might get some more recent responses.

    Good luck!
  9. by   annie0422
    Thanks Ashley. They didnt let me take it because they said i wasn't in the schedule. I just now re-registered with pearsonvue and paying $200 again. I don't know if you or someone read this can answer this question: Do I have to Re-register with state board and do finger prints and everything again???
  10. by   Double-Helix
    You shouldn't need to do fingerprints again, but you will need to submit another application. You need a new ATT and the BON only issues one per application. At least, that's how it works in my state but you might want to call your BON and ask if you only need to send the application or if you also need the other documents (transcripts, letters of completion, etc). The top of the application should ask you are re-testing. Choose yes and you will not have to pay an application fee.

    I'm so sorry that you are in this situation.
  11. by   Ekuyk
    This just happened to me!! I know I resched it and I guess for some reason it didnt work. I got on last night and saw no show... How did everything work out for you guys??? I am going to call them monday to see what they can do. I really dont have the money to pay again :/