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  1. 0 Any tips/suggestions for interviewing for a Family maternity ctr position? They do L/D and Postpartum on the floor. It is a supplemental position which would be fine w/ me since I have 3 little ones at home.

    In fact, I just delivered at the hospital last Wed, the 22nd. My nurse that I had for 2 days told me about the position and I went ahead and applied online. I told her I would "love" to work wknds and she said that should be "NO PROB"

    I have an interview on Tues next wk and am really nervous bc I am not a very good interviewer.

    Any suggestions on things that may be asked and how to respond to make a NEW GRAD look appealing???? I really need to Sell myself bc I know per HR that there are several people applying for this position.

    BTW, I did do my senior preceptorship in L/D, postpartum.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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