No jobs for new grads in Nashville TN...HELP...!!

  1. I am a new graduate May, 2012, passed NCLEX RN exam and cant find a job in Nashville TN. I have applied in all hospitals, most nursing homes and they are all telling me l need one year experience. If none of these places don't want new do we get the experience....?????.....Got a degree, passed boards and no jobs...!! this is very sad.........PLEASE HELP....HELP....HELP....!!!
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  3. by   lsid16
    You're not the only new grad nurse out there who can't find a job. All across the country new grads are having a horrible time finding a job. THE NURSING SHORTAGE IS A MYTH. I moved states away from home to find a job and have yet to find one. I graduated in May 2012. Been having to apply for minimum wage jobs just to get some cash flow. I recommend trying to get as many certifications as you possibly can and also volunteering at a local free clinic. They will use your skills as a nurse more than a volunteer program at a hospital and maybe get some good connections for finding a job. Stay strong and remember you're not the only one in this boat.
  4. by   mstones
    Thank you for your response....this is very sad...l might have to go apply at Mcdonalds or Burger King now just to pay bills and have a roof over my head with a University degree....Is sad.
  5. by   Tankweti
    If you think that's bad, I graduated with a BSN and 3.5 GPA in 2010 and am now back to a dead end job in med transcription which I have years of experience in. Comically, the hospital that hired me for this was one of the hospitals I applied to as a new grad and who never answered me for RN jobs but who jumped on me for transcription as experienced transcribers are scarce. I continue to read and study nursing daily and take care of my husband who is dying of end stage liver disease. Many times I have caught him going septic when our local hospital nurses did not. Several days ago he blew up with savored (he has a shunt so that shouldn't' be happening) and altered mental status. Our hospital admitted him under observation (a ploy to shift costs to consumers) and discharged him 2 days later. I sensed there was a lot more going on - he has had hypoglycemic episodes for months, which goes hand in hand with primary liver cancer. So, the same day, I drove him two hours to a tertiary care center and guess what folks- he does have liver cancer which has gone entirely undiagnosed for months by our local hospital. He has been in and out of there for months and the right tests were never don't. I smell a lawsuit coming!
  6. by   mstones
    Sorry to hear that Tankweti, I will keep you in my prayers. Hope he gets better soon. Do not give up, just put everything in God's hands who will fight your battle. I really feel for you, life is hard.
  7. by   michelle2150emt
    I am a new graduate nurse as well and can't find a job in nashville! I passed my boards in September and have applied for EVERYTHING! Frustrating... and I feel like i'm losing all my information! I am going to volunteer at the Red Cross in the meantime though... It all boils down to WHO YOU KNOW... unfortantely... not everyone knows someone. I agree, GIVE US A CHANCE! There are plenty of nurses that don't want their job and complain about it; I'm tired of sitting at home jobless!