New RN Cleveland, Ohio and STILL job hunting :( Help! - page 2

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Hello!! I am new to and I not used to posting on any type of forum or blog but I thought I would give it a shot! I have been on allnurses for the past 3 hrs just reading threads and trying to find some sort of... Read More

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    try looking at hospitals in south east Michigan, plenty of jobs
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    I took my NCLEX in Oct, but after 2 weeks of getting turned down by the hospitals online. I printed out some resumes googled LTAC facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and dressed in interview clothing prepared to have an on-the-spot interview. I had some major success with that. Though LTAC was not for me, it helped me get my foot in the door. Now bc I have experience I have had much more success applying for jobs that I would have normally got turned down for.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    Thank you to all those who responded to my post and thank you for sharing your stories and giving helpful ideas!!!