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I am really stressed out and figured I would post here for advice. My husband is getting promoted which will require relocating out of state. I only have 4 mos in my 1st nursing job and was a... Read More

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    Just be careful. Not only is the market tough but sometimes so can the work place. If your comfortable where you are and like your management and coworkers, well, I would hate to see you leave that so early in your career and go to a place that doesn't exactly appreciate you. Its all about building a foundation in nursing. Proving you can be a success somewhere for a while, esp at first.

    I'm in a bad situation right now, didn't have to move, but to make a long story short I moved jobs too early in my career at a place I was comfortable with after graduation, to the exact opposite environment, bc i thought it was my dream job. It wasn't.

    Diffrent situation in a way, but not really. 4 mos wont count for much either.

    But its you and your familys decision, just take some time to think it over. All the best.

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    We've done the commuter marriage twice, 1 year each time, and it's hard... but manageable.

    Be wary of dumping yourself into the no-man's-land of not being a new grad but not having at least 1-2 years of work experience... you could find yourself locked out of the market.

    However, your spouse needs to be wary of refusing a new assignment... in the corporate world, that can mark a person as damaged goods and can lead to a downward spiral and eventual release through the inevitable force reductions. There's also the need to continue to keep oneself as near as possible to the growing revenue streams.

    It's hard, very hard, to navigate one's entire career through a large company.
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    I will say one thing that may be of interest here...I have about five mos. experience and am not loving my job. I interviewed somewhere else and was told if I was hired they would treat me as a new grad and put me through their new grad residency program. Point being, there is always the possibility that you aren't, in fact, in that limbo period b/w being a new grad and having enough experience...
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