Massachusets new grad residency 2012

  1. Hello All : )

    I am a new grad , with the usual sob story of being out of school 8 months with no job. I am getting married in a few months so i moved to Massachusets. I have found blogs abour residency programs from 2009 but nothing current. I have checked many many websites and spoken to people in HR and i have not found one hospital that is having a residency program thus far. So if anyone works at a hospital that is known to run a New grad Residency Program, or any nurse recruiters that work at facilities that have programs please please let me know! ALso since I am new to MA i am not familiar with many hospitals. If there are hospitals known to hire new grads please inform me of that as well.

    And to all the May 2011 new grads, our time is coming soon!! I spent 6 months being down about it, and that does nothing for you!! Remain positive good things take time. Thank you all in advance for any advice, information, or kind words!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   AndyJune
    Welcome to Massachusetts I hope you like the crazy New England weather.
    As for the New grad program, I find it non-existent. New England Baptist hospital used to have it but they decided to not have it ever since 2009? Mass general used to have it as well but now they discontinued it. Also you might want to check out the UMASS memorial in Worcester. I think they have some kind of externship but it's very competitive and hard to get in. I'm actually applying for job out of state now because the market here is very saturated. Good luck with your job hunting.
  4. by   PassionateRN2011
    OK thank you for your information! i know there are so many jobs out of state which i wish i could take. But my future husband is well established in Boston so atleast for a few years i do not have the option of relocating. And the weather here is so bizarre, i do not know who can be use to it! lol thanks andyjune
  5. by   sbostonRN
    New England Baptist reinstated their program this past winter 2011, not sure if it will continue. Mass General had one with the opening of their new building but again, not sure if it will continue. I think I applied to one at Saints Memorial in Lowell (about an hour from Boston). Beth Israel Deaconness hires new grads into "Clinical Nurse I" positions but does not have a formal program. That's about it...Boston hospitals are very difficult to get into unless you did a clinical rotation there or worked there prior to graduating (I used to work at Mass General and couldn't get a nursing job there). Good luck!