Looking for I.V. Insertion training program

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    I am a new nurse. Is there any structured IV insertion training classes with real classroom participation? I was hoping to find a classroom based program in western New York or nothwest Pennsylvania.

    Thank you

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    Hi, What state / city are you in? Here in Florida we have IV cert. Let me know and good luck.
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    Quote from rnMomm
    Hi, What state / city are you in? Here in Florida we have IV cert. Let me know and good luck.
    She is looking for a course in Pennsylvania or New York.
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    Sorry, Its just too late for me I guess. Good luck.
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    I too was looking for IV verify class. Adelphi has them but they are only one day and the cost is $225. When I asked if they gave out IV certification certificates at the end they said no, just proof that you attended a class All these types of courses are similar in that regard. The only way to get real IV very is to do it thru Infusion Society of Nursing. It is a huge topic and you have to study and take a test. However the prerequisite to take the course is that you have nursing experience. Which leaves all of us new grass out in the cold. Historically, all nurses were trained in hospitals who certified them after they were satisfied with the skill level. But now that most of us cannot get jobs in hospitals, this means we have to find another way. I am thinking of getting a phlebotomy certify as that will at least be a good start.
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