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I have been an employee at the hospital I work at for almost 7 years. I graduated from nursing school last December, passed the NCLEX-RN in February and started my first RN job. I worked full time until the birth of my first... Read More

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    If you would like to remain in health-care, and stay relevant, you might consider working for the IT division of your healthcare system. Nurses make very good consultants and fill a need where there is a project liaison-type position. Many IT projects in healthcare involve labs, pharmacies, or small remote offices, and a centralized IT support model frequently needs someone with medical background to make things work. It could be part time, or full-time, and you would be making a difference.

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    I just wanted to thank everyone for the replies. I have been reading them but have not had time to reply. Thanks again!

    About a week ago I had my 6 month evaluation with my nurse manager (late, I was on maternity leave at the 6 month mark!) and told her what was going on and this time surprisingly was able to either cut my hours back or go PRN when before I was told it was not possible. So we talked it over and I told her yesterday my decision that I would be going PRN. I need to get it in writing but she will make the change immediately. I was surprised how supportive she was. I only have to work 32 hours (which is 4 shifts for me) in an 8 week period. The only problem is our census has been really low since September so there would really be no need for me. The unit on the other floor is having staffing issues so I might have to work some of my days there (ugh) its also a med surg unit but they get trachs & have a chemo/oncology unit but I was assured I would just get the "regular" med surg patients. I guess that won't be so bad, but I LOVE my co-workers! I also love that we get ob/gyn patients but anyway....

    For all the suggestions, I really appreciate it. I live in a small town and this is the only hospital so going to another one isn't an option unless I want to drive 1+ hours. School nurse jobs and doctors office jobs are hard to come by. The only one I have seen posted this year wanted an LPN. We do have RNs that work in the IT department but as of now there are no openings and I don't think I would like that. The few nurses that work there are full time/day and that doesn't work for me. I also do not think I would like working in home care or hospice. The reason I wanted to work weekends is because my mother watches the baby when my husband and I are both at work and she works days M-F. My husband works on call and doesn't have the option of saying no so it's been difficult having to have grandma "on call" because on the days she leaves work early, he ends up being off, and the days we are sure he will be home he ends up getting called, LOL.

    I do also think I'm burnt out already, if possible. I thought I might even hate nursing but I think working med surg is rough... I usually have 5-6 patients at a time, admissions, discharges - I could easily have 8 patients per night to chart on. I love the variety, it's hard to be bored but I'm finding it's impossible to do everything. It's basically a love/hate relationship with med surg and nursing in general. I absolutely cannot imagine doing anything else but it drives me crazy at the same time. The only other area I can see myself working in is OB. I still feel like I don't have enough experience yet so maybe in a few years or so when I'm ready to be part time I'll end up there.
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    I work in OB and the charting is just as bad. When I have 5-6 couplets that is 10-12 people to chart on. However it is nice not to deal with confused patients, and things of that sort. OB would be a great place to work Registry or PRN because the census is so unexpected. So you should go for it if you can.

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