I'm so BORED with my job!!

  1. Has anyone ever had a boring nursing job. I just started working in an Adult Day Care about a month ago and I don't know how long I can take it. My last job was at an ICF for disabled adults. I loved my job it was a good mix of Administrative and Clinical. I worked there for 3 1/2 years after completing my Associates Degree. That place was falling apart (budget cuts and combined jobs- very unsafe) and I had to get out. I took this Adult Day Care job because it had great hours. 9am-5pm, no weekends or holidays. It is very boring. Only nursing part is care plans, TB shots, and 3 people who take pills. NOTHING ELSE. I give tours, send out mailings answer phones. I did take a $3.00/hr pay cut compared to my last job. I've been thinking about going to the hospital. I currently have an offer for the Neuro floor earning a little more than my last job. I'm excited to learn more and use skills I learned in school but haven't had a chance to use. I have never done anything with IV's for example. I'm afraid it is going to be too stressfull. Any suggestions.
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  3. by   cherilee
    Wow! I would say you are in the minority of people who are bored with nursing(on this thread anyway).

    Here is my suggestion: Find out what you love and do it.