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I'm officially fired from my first RN job today. My manager suspended me starting from last Thursday due to my medication error, which happened on Sunday, 25th. I made two errors during my orientation period, and those two errors... Read More

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    Quote from janfrn
    Quote from imintrouble
    The Solu Medrol mistake happens alot where I work.
    Every 6 hrs, 0000, 0600, 1200, 1800 means a dose is given at 0600 by nights. They leave, the MD changes order to BID, that defaults to 0900 and 2100. The day nurse then gives a dose at 0900. Double dose, and nobody on days is the wiser.

    That strikes me as a system problem. If it's happening all the time then perhaps there needs to be an alternate BID standard administration timetable.
    As I see it, the responsibility falls on whichever nurse is acknowledging the order. That nurse should check the MAR for the previous administration time and then reschedule the new orders to maintain the intervals.

    This is one of those problems that's created by the computerized system and default admin times.

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    What was your med error?
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    You got fired for THAT? Sounds unfair. Not to mention that you DID question the order with the preceptor who didn't seem very helpful. Whatever happened to remediation or extending the orientation. Seems a little harsh for a novice nurse.
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    When I was a brand new nurse(a long time ago) there was an MD order written for Demerol 50 mg/Vistaril 25 mg IVP. So I gave it. Pharmacy caught the error(Vistaril is never to be given IV). No harm came to the pt, I had to attend a remedial pharmacology class, I was written up and I never ever made that mistake again. We are all human.
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    Quote from funkmarv

    Just read your response to the OP. I was moved by your wisdom and compassion. If everyone was like you in the global scheme of things ,the whole world would be a better place. God bless you.( My apologies if my spiritual leaning don't sit well with you)
    I totally agree, I am a new grad, working 4 months, and I would have absolutely loved to have a preceptor with your caring attitude for my orientation (if that's what you would call it-I got barely 4 weeks and I was only "closely supervised" for half of it). The nursing world would be so much better for new grads like us if our teachers were all like you!

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