how to get experience if they wont give it to me? how to get experience if they wont give it to me? | allnurses

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how to get experience if they wont give it to me?

  1. 0 Hey all,
    I because licensed as an LPN almost a year ago & I am currently working as an LPN in an allergy office. I feel like I work way too hard for $19/hr and no way to move up the ladder. I have been actively searching for new LPN opportunities but it seems like with out long term care experience nobody wants anything to do with me. I have applied at many long term care facilities and none seem to be looking to hire. I am becoming very discouraged as I was really excited about entering this field, and I was really looking forward to loving my job.

    I live in the CT/New Haven area,
    was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to obtain new employment?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, as I feel like I'm at the end of the road.
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    some RNs are working for $19/hour... its tough right now. its the same situation for everyone. keep applying, keep trying.
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    wow really?
    i guess that would be even worse.
    the 19/hr wouldnt be so bad if I enjoyed the job tho, and didnt have to drive so far away to get there. Hating it is the main reason why i want out. And i have been applying to places but its so hard to find places that are actually looking for help.
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    I make only a couple more dollars/hr more than you-- and I have a bachelors degree to pay for...