help! accecpted position but now......

  1. I was offered 5 new grad positions between 2 hospitals, I accepted a position where the starting salary was a 3 dollar pay cut and no sign on bonus of $3000. I knew this when I accepted the other position and said to myself money isn't everything. But after searching for apartments in the area where I would be living 1bd/ba range from $1200-1600/m!!!! I know I cannot afford to live their and should have factored that in before accepting the position. In the other area where the pay is more, 1bd/1b rage from $750-$1200/m which is still cheaper than the other.

    I need a tacful way of turning down the position I already accepted but not before calling back the other of course. I accepted the position last week and would not be starting until August 11 and for the other hospital Aug 25.

    Advice please.... thanks in advance !
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  3. by   squee-gee
    Hi - I haven't graduated yet, but as a "mature" student, I've been around the business world for awhile....I would FIRST, make sure the other job was still available - you could call HR and tell them you haven't made a final decision yet - don't accept the job, just see if it's still offered. Then, call HR at the job you accepted and simply explain the problem exactly as you posted - you didn't take into account the cost of living, etc. See what they say - who knows, maybe the will offer more. If they don't, graciously tell them you just can't afford to accept their offer. Since neither start until August, I can't imagine it will be that much of a problem... And congrats on landing 5 job offers! - Good Luck!
  4. by   santhony44
    It's definitely better to change your mind now than after you start! I'd follow Squee-gee's advice.