GN in Houston?

  1. Hi I'm new to I have a question, I know it's been answered before years back but I wanted to ask now for an updated answer and advice.

    I graduate (God wiling) with my BSN at the end of December. I'm very interested in moving to Houston (I'm from South Texas). I was just wondering if there's any hospitals that hire new grads and/or internships. I'm going to apply to Memorial Hermann and others but I understand it's a very "who you know" process.

    Also I was wondering how the new grad permit works in Texas, is it paperwork I have to do, or does my school do it?

    Thanks for your advice,
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  3. by   Lifeofanurse
    I just graduated from an LVN program last month, took my nclex today.
    Here's the problem with Houston. We have TONS of nursing programs. Jobs are difficult to find unless you are coming in w/ a BSN ...and even they are having a difficult time w/o experience. I would suggest you put out some feelers to the bigger hospitals. You will have better luck if your willing to work in the MedCenter. I live in the suburbs so for me it's not worth the traffic, drive time and parking fees to work down there when I would be making the same if not better money out here...IF i can locate a job with no experience. Good luck to you!