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  1. hi im a foreign grad nurse. i took and passed my nclex rn last monday, nov 8. and now im searching for jobs online but all the posted jobs are RN with at least one yr experience and with a BLS ACLS training etc. and i dont have any working experience to put on my resume!

    im thinking if i have to really take those trainings for my resume to at least look good.
    and i also wonder if nursing homes require those trainings? and i want opinions if new grad programs are better than working first on nursing homes.
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  3. by   VanessaRN
    Congrats on passing the NCLEX! The "requires at least 1 year recent experience as a registered nurse" is a nightmare that is haunting foreign and local new graduate RNs alike.

    I highly suggest pursuing your BLS and ACLS certifications, especially BLS--since it is required for EVERY RN position. Take your ACLS too (consider PALS as well) if you can afford it (I know these certifications are expensive).

    Rather than simply doing this to make your resume "look good", you're actually learning life-saving skills and techniques that will empower you to give your patients the care they need. It's not just about "spicing up" your resume.

    Nursing homes probably don't require ACLS, but require at least BLS. Getting into a New Grad program will definitely open up doors to different nursing experience/positions later on. Many hospitals don't consider nursing home experience as the required acute care experience for staff nurse positions. But with the limited about of New Grad positions and programs available, a Nursing Home/SNF position may be your best bet, especially if you need an income right away.

    By the way, in what country did you study nursing?