A newly graduated nurse on work permit (OPT) A newly graduated nurse on work permit (OPT) | allnurses

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A newly graduated nurse on work permit (OPT)

  1. 0 Hello, I'm a newly graduated nurse with associate degree in nursing. I have just passed the board and currently waiting for my work permit to arrive. I studied at a college in Kansas, and I am kind of frustrated trying to find hospitals who hire foreign nurses. In other words, I need a hospital who sponsors international nurses to get work visa or green card. Do any of you have suggestions? Please? Every bit of it could help! Thanks!
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    How did you obtain OPT if you don't mind me asking. That is my first concern. I don't know where will hire people without certificate.
    It seems like a lot of people who didn't graduate and earn certificate did not have any problem getting OPT.
    Could you tell me how you got OPT?