1 year w/ license, NO JOB? Don't give up!

  1. Like the title has said, and so many of us are going through, we have had our license for a year and we have no job! I graduated with an ASN degree and is currently finishing up my bachelors in nursing; I'm 7 classes away from that big achievement. Next month will make it one year since I took my NCLEX and passed. I felt like that was the key to open up doors. I was excited when I saw that hospitals and other health care facilities were hiring. But I also saw, " NO NEW GRADS, 1 year experience, 2-3 year experience, bachelors preferred, bachelors required." And the list goes on in why they are not hiring me and other people in my position. I told myself that I'll continue with my patience and other classes towards a BSN degree.

    I'm here on this site to tell you about my struggles with finding a nursing job in NYC. Yes it's been a year, but I'm still hopeful. I'm hoping that my story may inspire others looking for a job as well. And I hope that it will inspire you all to not give up on nursing. Nurses are still needed! My theory is that nurses who are suppose to retire are going to retire one day; more experienced nurses will retire as well; so that leaves nurses who are working but not at retirement age and have experience, and new nurses/new grads. Thats where we fit in! I believe that health care facilities, one day, will have no choice but to hire us. I mean, who else if there are no experienced nurses left to hire, will they hire? OF COURSE, US!!!! Come on now, experienced nurses can not work more than 2 jobs, they will feel burnt out. So I'm saying to you... DON'T GIVE UP!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!! If you are done with nursing school, go and volunteer until you get a call back. I'm speaking to nurses who have a BSN degree and will not be going for their masters. If you have an ASN or BSN degree, continue your education. Whether it's finishing your BSN, like I am, or getting certified in ACLS or advance certifications, I say do it! Healthcare facilities are always looking for whether you are furthering your nursing education.

    I'll be honest, I haven't volunteered. Isn't that funny, I'm telling you to volunteer but I haven't. Reason being is that because I'm in school and my schedule is all over the place volunteer wouldn't really fit in. And additionally, I have no money to volunteer. Most of my money goes to transportation to and from school. And I have no transportation to go to a volunteer site. My only way of getting a "connection" for a nursing job is through my bsn program. When I have clinicals I let nurse managers, head nurses, director or nurses, know that I am a nurse. On the clinical site, I try not to have an exaggerated personality. I just be myself: Caring and Helpful. I always smile and greet people formally. If I'm finished with whatever I'm doing, I always ask anyone if they need assistance. And I don't limit it who I help. I would ask the clerk, the staff nurses, patients, patients' family members, and even volunteers.

    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying to God that everything will fall right into place. Three days ago I applied to the hospital that I was doing my clincial rotation. I let the staff know, since they know me by now, that I applied. And by Gods grace, I hope that they put in a good word for me.
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    Thank you for this message. I am a current LVN for a year now with very little experience but I still can't get a full time...decent job. I work at an intermediate care facility aka..care home..as a lvn on weekends only. I'm happy I still have a job but at the same time I really hope to get a "real" job at hospital or rehab center..just somewhere better where i can gain more experience and exposure. i'm going to start volunteering in a month or so..not as a lvn intern or anything since that doesn't even exist..but i will be networking and hopefully get my name out there. ill keep this post in mind! if youhave any more advices please share! good luck in school!