Passed Health Safety today!

  1. Took ECE health safety today and PASSED!!! Super happy because that will be one less exam to complete after I finish the LVN program this May. I call myself trying to get a head start on Health Safety and Transitions prior to completing my LVN program and just enroll in Excelsior after graduation...some may think premature but hey I passed! Super stoked!
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  3. by   jlynn167
    Congrats! I thought you couldn't take Health Safety until you enroll? They told me I could only take Transitions prior to enrollment? Any tips though? I'm prepping for this exam now.
  4. by   nursejessica2013
    That is true but I registered before 10/1/12, when that change went into effect. I took a big risk but it paid off. I used only the studygroup 101 notes (an older addition) and practice exams. I was told that some of the practice questions would be on the test but that is completely false! I studied about two weeks but I recommend longer if you can. I am going to take transitions during spring break but I will begin prepping now because I know a few people who have attempted that test several times.
  5. by   jlynn167
    Thanks for the tips! I passed transition in November, I used the practice exams and studygroup 101...good luck! Also, good luck on LPN boards, my study tip for the boards are practice questions, practice questions and more practice questions. I did about 3,000+ as my ONLY study tool and I shut off at 78 questions and PASSED Keep us updated.