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I apologize for taking so long to post this here... I've posted in 2 other boards and can't believe I forgot this one!!! After passing at Grady… I would like to share my thoughts on this test after taking it at Grady this... Read More

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    Congrats Claudia ,I am with excelsiors.I want to take the first exam.I don't want to nervous.Any suggestions for the first two exams.If you dont mind you can help us. How do I contact you. I live in Philadelphia,PA. Sally

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    Thank you. Congrats!
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    Hi & thanks. I test next week in GA., 3rd & final attempt. Still studying after all this time. I started trying to pass CPNE Aug last year. I took a prep course in IN. but still failed. But the requirements changed last fall & were differant from what I had learned @ the CPNE prep class. Anything else U can offer is appreciated. I really thought I had passed last time until the CA came to talk to me. I was devaSTATED. tHANKJS.
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    Just go believing you will pass!!! I'm sure you're prepared, but like I said before, the anxiety level is out of this world Calm yourself down! Whatever you need to do to accomplish that within legal boundaries, do it
    You probably worked more on the things that caused you to fail and you have the advantage of knowing what you're getting into... no element of surprise for you! That's a HUGE advantage. Slow down if you have to, take a break if you have to, keep focused on what you're doing and what EC wants to see. Just work hard on doing things THEIR way... at the end of the day, that will be all that matters. You will have that paper that says PASS and can move on with your life.
    I don't know where you're spiritually, but I will be praying for you throughout the weekend next week. Please, let me know how you do... I'm excited already to see your post that will say PASSED IN GA!!!
    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions about Grady that you think I might be able to answer.

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    Hi Sally,

    You can PM me through here... I'll be happy to help anyway I can. Feel free to ask any specific questions you may have

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    Actually I'm dealing with Florida... still waiting for the ATT, but so far it seems to be going smoothly.
    Feel free to email me since you can't PM

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    Claudia, you are so sweet!! Your post was awesome and I am so happy to hear such a detailed dose of reality regarding the school's exam. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS RN!!

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    congrats from a may first time grady passer,we are now grady alumns.
    I know how that place is and as you said i don't think it would have mattered where i was, but the staff were very nice. You have to go in believing you will pass but being careful and flexible. My hands shook like a leaf so badly that i had a hard time putting the syringe on the hub. Have never shaken like that in life, ran out of time, allowed a staff person to rush me, was interrupted by respitory therapist, hospital shut down the computers while i was going through charts, and yet I passed. You have to know those elements better than your name because you may experience a level of nerves that you've never experienced before. Be familiar with your diagnosis book before you go. Have some alternate diagnosis ready. I left my 3rd ed book in the children's hospital, and had to use a 2nd ed book that was on the floor, it didn't have the diagnosis that i would have normally used for the situation, had to pick another and go with it and had to not get flustered and waste time about it. Be flexible, be confident, be focused, be prepared, be positive, more people pass than fail, see yourself as a passer before you get there, then go get it.
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    First off.....congratulations Claudia! Curious...did you take a workshop and if so, which workshop did you attend? Ive just started studying the CPNE and feel so confused about where to start. I've been reading the study guide but's so much to digest! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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