Humanities Credits for Excelsior - page 2

by TashaLPN2006RN2012 | 3,943 Views | 12 Comments

So i am thinking of taking the following two exams for my 6cr in humanities that i still need to do: #1: Intro to Philosophy & #2: Bioethics:Philosophical Issues. Now i do understnad that i can take a CLEP humanities exam and... Read More

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    Save the grant money for something else and take the Analyzing Lit Clep. Basic reading comprehension and literary devices (google that term).
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    I can't save it for something else as i have to use the money before Jan 15th and there is nothing else i can use it on since i wont be ready for the CPNE (that would be the only other thing to apply the money to) by then =( bummer i know!
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    Wow girl. ... Dang your doing it !!!

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