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I've been an LPN for 2 years now and also work agency with General Healthcare Resources. I want to get my RN but my husband is in school also for his RN :bugeyes: so I have little choice but to do it online if I'm going to do it... Read More

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    Quote from rita052607
    Lunah, Im assuming you attended Excelsior. What did you think about the program? How long did it take you? How was the cpne?
    I did. It was great. It took me one year, one month, and one day. The CPNE was tough but do-able.

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    I am a lpn registered with excelsior but having second thoughts. Planning to enroll before July to pay the $975. But i am confused already, i have no pre-req because i attended a vocational school. I just want someone to direct me in the right direction, i work full-time and this is the only way i cannot pursue my RN in a classroom is not a option. I welcome positive help from anyone. Planning to do everything with excelsior. Its now or never for me. Thanks please help.
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    Have you looked into ISU LPN-BSN program. Its online and clinicals around your schedule.
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    Hi already registered but not enrolled, was planning to do all my general req with excelsior but i learned that i could Clep most of my genetral requirements except A&P and MIcro. I do need alot of advice because i have no pre-req and and i puting this off for 2 years. Also is it best to enroll now. the fee will be more after June 28. I need someone who already in the program who can guide me along. NERVOUS> I work full time and i want to do this. Thanks for all the HELP i can get.

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