Frustrated..please help

  1. For something that seems so simple, I am having massive far I've called (2) college locations that claim to deliver DSST(dantes) exams and the person(s) acted like I was speaking french. One lady told me I register through Pearson Vue. One says they don't deliver individual exams anymore, but it states they do on the website. Can someone PLEASE tell me exactly how you registered/who you pay/etc!! I want to take the Ethics in America 3 cred DSST exam..thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL thank you!!
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  3. by   PomPomRN
    I took Ethics in America at the Strayer University in my area. All I did to register was Google "Dantes tests" I got the usual long list of websites to choose from and chose to go through Strayer. I called them and set up my appointment to test, showed up for my appointment time with my ID and a credit card to pay with and viola! I passed and away I went!!

    Pearson Vue does not administer DSST or CLEP tests.

    Good Luck, hope this helps!