FCCA pass rate?

  1. 0 Hey all, Does anyone know what the FCCA pass rate is? Also, is CPNE still 68% pass? Thanks in advance.
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    The paper FCCA pass rate was 98% but the data regarding the new format has not been released yet (at least not that I can find). Based on the "I failed the FCCA posts" in various forums, something tells me that it isn't likely to be 98% anymore.

    The CPNE pass rate is down to 59% as of June 2011; more recent data is not available but the 59% pass rate held steady from July 2010 until June 2011. That is the last recorded info that I can find on the EC site.

    I stumbled upon this information while trying to figure out the pass rate for second time CPNE takers. I found some old data and the pass rate was EXACTLY the same for both first and second time takers. I was surprised but the data was a few years old. I can't find any recent data about second timer pass rates.

    On the bright side, if you are one of the 59% that pass, you won't give a oop: about the statistics...

    Source: Nursing - excelsior.edu
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    I would like to know this also

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