Excelsior Life Span 1 tomorrow! - page 2

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I'm back! Had some family issues and cancelled a few exams over the summer but I got LS 1 tomorrow, then 2 and 3 scheduled in august. I feel comfortable about LS 1 and have been really brushing up on my cardio/respiratory... Read More

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    I am studying for LS 1 now, and this is a lot of information to remember and digest. I also am in College Network. Do you feel that you have to go way beyond College Network in order to pass the exam? Good luck with LS 2.
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    Well the exams are nclex style so I definately recommend some study guided and practice tests. It all depends on how you study though. Good luck
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    Took life span 1 today, made a D. So disappointed. I thought I was prepared. Been studing for 4 months!!!Did practice exams, read recommended material, and used Sanders. Any suggestions for retake? Took 2 hours on test and changed some answers.