Excelsior College survey; Did anyone else get this?

  1. Did anyone else get this? Is this real?

    The Excelsior College service quality survey has arrived! Excelsior College
    really wants to know how you feel about the service you receive and has
    contracted this study to objectively determine how well they are meeting
    the expectations of our students. With this information, the College will
    strive to improve those service quality issues that come to light.

    Please click on the link below to access the survey. It should only take
    about fifteen minutes of your time to complete and is designed to assess
    your service perceptions, expectations, and satisfaction in your
    relationship with Excelsior College. All students who complete the survey
    will receive a $10 electronic gift certificate to amazon.com. Please
    complete the survey before March 10, 2013.

    Take the Survey

    We value and appreciate your input into improving the quality of service at
    Excelsior College. For more information regarding Excelsior College
    surveys and how the results are used please visit our student feedback

    Thank you for your contributions and suggestions for improving the quality
    of service at Excelsior College! Please do not hesitate to contact us if
    you have any questions regarding the survey. All your responses will
    remain confidential.

    John Ebersole

    President, Excelsior College
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  3. by   natnat122
    No! Lemme get that link! lol!
  4. by   natnat122
    No! Lemme get that link! lol!

    Edit: just checked my message center.. nothing, nada, zilch.. $10 can get me another study guide help me out bro! lol..