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  1. I am stressing about taking English Comp. I am 40 yo and never have done any college courses. I did my LPN throught high school and English is my weekness! Has anyone taken the Engish Comp test with EC?
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  3. by   PomPomRN
    I took my English Comp through U-EXCEL. It is a 3 credit course and it wasn't as stressful as preparing for a 6 credit Eng Comp. I don't know what additional course or courses will be required if you continue on for your BSN, but the U-EXCEL course wasn't so bad. I got a B and totally didn't think I was going to pass.
    U-EXCEL has info on the Excelsior website, under resources.

    Good Luck
  4. by   SweetGaNurse
    This is my first post, so please near with me. I took Excelsior's English Comp exam in June '12. I did pass the exam (thank goodness). I started checking my transcript update page everyday about 2 weeks after taking it, since you don't get your results right away. The exam requires you to switch between screens to analyze your poem and letter or writing article to the screens in which you type your analyzation/response. This was difficult for me and I had to write a lot of stuff down on the dry erase pad, because I wasn't able to figure out how to copy and paste on the computer at the testing site. The clock is constantly ticking down and I just finished as time ran out. It was nail biting and I hope to not ever have to repeat that exam again! It is due able. Make sure to follow the content guide and read all the suggested reading. There is a another class offered from EC that will full fill the English prerequisite, but it is less credits and more $ since you take the class online through EC. I hope that helps, and Good Luck!!