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I could sure use your help in stuffing for the CPNE my test date is 10-26-12. This will be my final chance (3rd).... Read More

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    Yes I am

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    Yes I I. Can help u prepare if u still need help
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    Considering Dora as a workshop. Did you use her, I heard she is a ex-CPNE instructor. Did you take any other workshops?
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    She is tutoring me. i would say she is excellent. She goes through PCSs and labs to ensure i am on the right track. i have actually gone into overkill with my preparation. i went to Lynns workshop times 2. i have bought Sherri's study guide. I have taken Excelsiors documentation conferance. I have read the study guide so many times i have lost count. I have purchased all supplies. I have been to Reddens website and t-lo's. I am a lurker on facebook conquer the beast and the Epn. When i pass my Cpne next weekend, i will have all of them to thank. I mention all of those study options to say there are many alternatives. may i suggest after reading sg..submit careplans and questions to epn discussion board.
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    Goodness, gracious. Praying
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    Thanks you.
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    Well, you don't have time for a hands on workshop now.....so where are you testing at?? If you are testing in Georgia, you can call Sheri Taylor and beg for a meeting and mock checkoff.
    Good luck
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