CPNE Care Planning Practice: Activity Intolerance

  1. Greetings all:

    I am working on a word document about the commonly used nursing diagnoses during
    the CPNE (Appendix Q in the Study Guide). I am writing to see if anyone would
    be interested in helping me come up with expected outcomes, interventions and
    rationale statements for the evaluation phase for each diagnosis. I'll post a
    couple of diagnoses a week and everyone can contribute their ideas, questions,
    and critiques. At the end, I'll post a Word document with what we come up with
    for everyone to use as a study reference. Hopefully we will all learn a lot in
    that time!

    Here is what I have for activity intolerance so far:

    ACTIVITY INTOLERANCE (Pg 166 in Mosby's)
    --Definition: Insufficient physiological or psychological energy to endure or
    complete required or desired daily activities

    --Defining Characteristics: verbal report of weakness or fatigue; abnormal
    changes in VS or EKG c activity; exertional discomfort or dyspnea

    --Related Factors: Generalized weakness; Deconditioned state; Sedentary
    lifestyle; Insufficient sleep or rest periods; Depression or lack of motivation;
    Prolonged bed rest; Imposed activity restriction; Imbalance between oxygen
    supply and demand; Pain; Side effects of medications

    [From NANDA Nursing Interventions Blog]

    Here is where I need help. I was hoping y'all would post outcomes with two
    interventions and we could all critique each other and then incorporate them
    into the final word document

    Here is an example:

    Outcome: Pt will gradually increase activity by the end of the PCS
    --Intervention1: encourage pt reposition self in bed within first hour of PCS
    --Intervention 2: encourage pt to dangle on edge of bed for 5 minutes within
    second hour of PCS

    Now feel free to critique that one or add your own. Remember that interventions
    can NOT be assessments and Outcomes MUST be measurable. Also try to keep
    interventions in line with Ecs areas of care when possible (and it ain't always
    possible XD).

    Also feel free to add rationales for this diagnosis as well. I'll submit more
    on activity intolerance after researching it some more, I just wanted to see if
    anyone was interested in doing this :-)
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