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    Has anyone taken cpne at grady recently?

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    I took it in May. Look up my post about it under "articles".Blessings to you!Claudia
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    I tested August 3rd and passed, just by the grace of God!!
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    Passed in June at Grady with no repeats... My advice, take the online Excelsior workshops, go the the in person 3 day workshop offered by Excelsior and order the lab supplies so that you can practice those labs until you literally feel like burning the supplies. Practice, practice, practice your nursing care plans and be an advocate for yourself during the exam. When a clinical examiner tried to fail me for omitting a critical element for one of the lab stations (not swabbing a vial), I spoke up for myself immediately, adamantly and a little rudely as well (which I was sorry that I was rude). The clinical associate initially sided with the CE, but called me later that night to say that I would not have to repeat the lab. That boosted my confidence for my second day going into the exam. The CEs were all professional. Some seemed a little cold during the exam, but after testing you realize that it is not personal. It's just a tense atmosphere. The exam is stressful, but it can be done with preparation. Know your critical elements. And please, no matter how well you know the critical elements, do NOT walk into the patient's room thinking that you are going to remember what to do while in the room. Use the back of your assignment Kardex and literally write out in a numbered, list format everything you are going to do while in the room and then check things off as you do them. I hope this helps. Best wishes
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    Thanks for advice. I couldn't imagine being told I did not do something when I know I did. That is devastating. Money is so hard to get these days and 2,000$ is a lot of money. I have a family to feed and am sinking my bank for this. I would go into severe depression if I failed over a lie.
    Thank goodness the CA was apparently paying attention and not siding with CE. Scary how much control they have.....

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