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are you taking or have taken Excelsior online documentation or Careplanning Conference? I think this will be beneficial.... Read More

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    Hello Bostonnurse AOCs are areas of care which some are overiding, required and then you may be given up to 4 assessment or management AOCs be it respiratory, abdominal, neurological, etc. You want to get in and get out of the room. You wont do more than whats on the kardex .i realize I am speaking jibberish. U see there are areas you must complete within your patient care scenarios in order to be a success for your weekend. For instance there is asepsis and fluid management. which are a part of your 20 minute checks. The critical elements done within these areas of care are washing your hands, explaining to your patient you r a student and introducing your instructor. Identifying the patients arm band compared to your kardex name and date of birth donning gloves to assess iv site for redness or edema then removing the gloves, geling....identifying fluids or enteral feeding. The infusion type, rate, checking the tubing and explaining how you may refer to your kardex how you will check off things and record. I really have not scratched the surface of the concept. CPNE is about showing the ce's and ca's you can perform as a first day RN on the job. This includes writing careplans and documenting. Just applying non assessment interventions to Nanda labels. Sorry for being long winded :-)
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    I am just starting to study for CPNE. I still don't have my date but they said sometime March or April. I just want to get a date so I know when!!! I have read the study guide from cover to cover twice and just signed up for Sheri Taylor's online workshop. I am also planning on taking the documentation course that EC offers in the beginning of February. Every one says that Sheri is the careplan queen and her online workshop lets you send in two careplans a week that she will grade for you. Any one that has Rob's videos - are they worth it? I've heard that they are outdated. I've also been practicing at work with assessments. I work in LTC and the residents love the extra attention they get when I want to do a neuro assessment or abdominal assessment. lol Well good luck to all of us!!!!!
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    Cindy it sounds like you are on the right track. I was able to afford one month of Sherri's online workshop and I must say she is pretty awesome. She shows you how to mark your Mosby's book for nanda diagnoses that may apply to assignments of AOCs. I have a lot of respect for her. I am really looking forward to the documentation conference. You ever been on the EPN?
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    Thanks nursingforever for the info!! Just want to be sure I am prepared!

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