teeth whitening practice?

  1. I am wondering how nurses feel about teeth whitening being in scope of prcatice. I have added in office teeth whitening procedures to my independant aesthetic practice. I feel that is is restorative, rejuvenating and I educate my client as well. We were taught to clean and floss and so on in nursing school and with additional training I feel that I am qualified to perform this act safely and effectively. Some say that I am in for slew of calls from dental offices but so far have not received any such calls. I am in a state where the nurse practice acts prevails (thank goodness). So let me hear from you other nurses.
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  3. by   brownrice

    I have been to your website and tried to call but couldn't get through on the number....to comment on your post here, I think this is a novel idea because I do believe there are many services being "held captive" by traditional providers. Not that others are not qualified to perform the service, just that no one has really pioneered the idea to do this outside this traditional arena.

    I can think of pros and cons...pro is that they sell the stuff in the grocery aisle, so it must be pretty darn safe for the FDA to deem that a consumer can apply it. The substance you use may be a bit different from the store, however, I'm sure the agency insuring you has examined the risk of this new service every which way from Sunday, and again, if they gave it the nod, you would think that's pretty safe.

    Playing devil's advocate, I could say that the service may be applied to teeth that are too fragile to undergo the procedure, etc., and this could be putting your client's teeth at risk. However, you must have an informed consent sheet to cover you for this.

    I would really welcome a personal email if you would send one. I have some questions you may be able to answer. Thank you, and I wish you continued success with your practice!
  4. by   cosmetic tattooist
    Thank you for your imput. And to answer some of your concerns like product used is carbamide peroxide,(less sensitivity), informed consent as well as health history is obtained, there is insurance coverage as well.There are some clients that I do turn away or need to see a dentist. I enjoy the restoring as wel as the educating process. Is'nt that what we nurses should be doing. It is just more fun when you are renumerated well for it. I think I have covered all bases as well as deciding that this is within scope of my practice. After all these procedures are perfomed in salons! Wish my continued success with part of my practice