Starting own Case Managment Business related to Geriatrics and Diabetes

  1. Hello,
    I am in the planning phase of starting my own Case Management/Consulting business and would appreciate all ideas, suggestions, and information that any may have. I have been a Certified Diabetic Educator for 8 years and also have years of Home Health nursing experience. I truly love these areas of nursing and want to use them both in my career. I decided to take a Geriatric Case Management program on-line and have recently finished it and now want to move forward with this experience. I see there are Associations that you can join and numerous business starting programs that can be purchased and am uncertain which would be the best for me. I'm not certain if the IDC business items would be good and if so which company also there are consulting business programs out there too. If any Case Managers, IDC's, CDE's, or others in business for themselves can guide me I would so appreciate it so very much. I'd love to hear about your business!
    My future goals are to get my Certification in Case Management and also participate in a foot care seminar and become a Certified Foot Nurse.

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   GeriatrxRN
    I'm also interested in becoming a geriatric case manager and was wondering if you knew if insurances or other modes of payment (other than private pay) would pay for this type of service. Also, if you don't mind , what type of rates were you thinking of charging the client. I've heard that some case managers charge by the hour and others by the case.

    Thanks in advance for your response and good luck in your venture!
  4. by   tvdvmv
    What I have learned along the way over the last year is that most geriatric case management is out of pocket. I have been doing assessments for long term care insurance companies for about 7 months and have learned from some clients that there insurance does pay for some visits (1-6) for help with a crisis, outside care needed or even for placement elsewhere.

    I took the Geriatric Care manger program from Kaplan University on-line and found it very helpful in building the business and care for seniors info. I've been studying the certain web sites and communicating with a few folks that have their own nursing businesses and have learned much through all of this. I also know case managers from working in a facility and they have been a great resource.

    Here in Montana it seems the going rate is around $50.00 and some present businesses offer packages other just do hourly. Not sure how I will set that up but I may charge more than $50.00.

    Hope this helps!