Renewing an expired MT license

  1. I am a very new (May 2011) nursing grad. I also used to be a licensed massage therapist in Texas. I finished my 300 hours of MT training in 1998 and took and passed my state boards. I practiced for several years, and then took a break from practice when I became pregnant with twins. I didn't get my continuing education done for license renewal because of obligations at home, and so my license expired. Several years ago, Texas raised their required hours of MT education to 500 hours, so I figured this whole time that since I let my license expire, I would have to go back to school in order to get my license back.

    I got a massage last week, and my therapist is also owner/instructor of a local massage school. I told him about all of this and he said that I can get my license back if I take the exam again and apply for a new license. I would LOVE to have my license back! I wondered if anyone here has done this before and how hard it is to go about doing it. I think that after making it through nursing school and passing the NCLEX that almost nothing could be a difficult as that! I already bought a current review book for the MT exam. I am going to give myself plenty of time to study, seeing as I'm a little burned out on that, and I still have to study for and pass ACLS.