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  1. I am wondering if any members who have experience working as a Paramedical Examiner would mind posting their thoughts about obtaining this type of work in a part-time capacity to supplement their income.

    I work full time as a registered nurse, but I would like the opportunity to start my own part - time business and am wondering if this is a viable option. It would seem that being an independent contractor with companies like Examone, APPS, Portamedic, etc. is the way to go.

    What is the typical assignment like? What type of equipment is needed? What type of reimbursement should be expected? Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   paramedical examiner
    I have been a paramedical examiner for over 8yrs now.

    When I worked in the hospital setting I worked in the OR as a PCT.

    I do like what I do, but I would not recommend this profession to a RN or anyone right now examiners are not averaging very much a hr it is borderline abuse what the PC are getting away with they are keeping anywhere from 55-65% of the profit. The way gas is a lot of examiners are going back to the hospitals here's a link to a great site that you can learn about paramedical examiners RUN you would make much more picking up some overtime in the hospital