Opening a staffing agency vs home health care agency and generating your own clients

  1. I've read several posts where RN's want to bill medicare for home visits but can't since you would need to have an established home care agency. It's something that has interested me as well, so I was wondering if it wouldn't be easier to just open a staffing agency, where you could refer yourself to a home care agency and ask for a certain amount per visit. Of course it would be higher than they would normally pay since you would be bringing in your own clients. Any thoughts on this? Are there any medicare rules/reg pertaining to staffing agencies?

    I currently work for both a staffing agency and a home care agency. I have the possibility to generate medicare clients (from established connections with dr's, assisted living, etc), but don't want to work as a marketer. I would prefer to be compensated for both bringing in clients as well as making the home visits. I also know that its illegal to get compensated for referring clients (ie per head), so I'm trying to find a good medium (and legal way) for doing this. Thanks in advance for your comments/advice