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  1. me and my wife have been working as nurses for almost 5 years now. we both have worked in a nursing home setting. but now, we have decided to gather information on how to start our own nursing home. i hope that you(bloggers) can help us by answering these few questions for us:
    1) is it a good idea to start a nursing home business with this economy.... or should we wait til it gets better?
    2) where can we find other ideas, business plans, etc to get this idea running?
    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   natkoz82
    I too am starting something similar but actually it is a group home, a nursing home sounds to medical and is. I found an e-book I downloaded and it has great insights on start up in such a business by Sarah Johnson. It is a great book with tons of great information, I believe nursing homes are going to be something of the past in the future and will be primarily used for those needing heavy care. Please find a good accountant that deals with non-for profit organizations, the book will describe the benefits of setting up your business this way. Good luck to you, I know I need it.