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  1. Please help! I've been an esthetician for 4-years and currently live in Colorado. I just found out I'm moving to Austin, TX as my husband was accepted into their MBA program.

    I'm interested in going to school to become an RN. I really love the skin industry and want to become more involved. Medically it is getting harder and harder as just an "esthetician". I'm thinking becoming an RN is wise--thoughts? Can you please recommend good schools in Austin? Is schooling difficult--i.e. can you have a job on the side?

    Your thoughts on taking this avenue--going from esthetician to RN would be so appreciated!

    Thank you!! And if anyone has any good spas or living quarters to recommend I'll take 'em
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  3. by   RN1989
    Of all the places I have lived in TX, the Austin area is my favorite. When I was there, UT and Austin Community College had nursing programs. There may be more there now as I have been gone a few years. I remember the ACC students being pretty good when I had worked with them during their clinicals. I also knew some UT nursing profs that I really thought were great teachers.

    Most everyone that I know worked going through school. It is difficult sometimes and I don't know how it would be to have both you and hubby trying to get through school at the same time. You can feel like two ships passing in the night and not get to see much of one another, which can be a strain on a marriage.

    As far as healthcare employers, there are two major networks in the area. Seton is non profit and St. David's is for profit. They just about evenly divide the acute care facilities among themselves. I worked for Seton and found them to be a better employer than the employers I have had since leaving that area.

    Good luck on your move. Wish I could join you.
  4. by   amusedgirl
    I know this is years later.. but I'm curious as to how this worked out. Or if anyone in 2011 has an answer to the original post? I'm a licensed esthetician, planning on going to nursing school, and want to take the same avenue as the original poster.