Non-Medical Home Senior Care--really "Kicking it around"!

  1. My husband (an RN for 3 years) and I are really thinking about the huge potential of starting a non-medical senior care business (in their homes). I am in nursing school currently, and plan to finish either way, but this just seems like a true opportunity, from what I have read.

    We have not even scratched the surface as far as Research and Development goes...But there is a definite need, and my husband (who is in home health care) sees it every day. He is also finishing his bachelors in Business Administration (FYI)....

    Not only would this type of business be challenging, satisfying, and make a true difference, but also I believe the monetary and growth potential is huge.

    We have looked at several franchising opportunities (just browsed the websites), but not sure if we can afford something like that at this point in time, since we still have, well, sadly a negative net-worth! But I would think that there would be all kinds of small business loans and other helpful agencies/people???
    I dont know, I just have that "entrepreneurial spirit" and we both are very caring, compassionate, creative, and oriented! Seems like the perfect fit???

    Any help to get us started in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps point us AWAY from this direction! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   kevinmc
    I believe you are on the right track. I have interviewed many on this same subject and you have rightly summerized your concerns. The biggest of which are crossing into an unknown. I have many successful business startups and have discovered that a key ingredient is not entrepreneurial as much as it is passion. I am good at bussiness startup and I am a methodical planer. I have had some miserable failures in spite of all my best laid plans. Many of my failures were things of interest and not a passion. So with that thought plan, as you have and find someone who has done this in your area. ALL successful business owners love to talk about their business's and the personality that starts this type of business is more selfless than selfish. My conversations/interviews lead to some of your talking points in your introduction. Some of the big concerns with in homecare was that they said (each one of them) YOU ARE MARRIED TO YOUR WORK! This isnt something you escape at 5:00 it isnt something you can take a vacation from without great expence getting the respite relief you need. That is my biggest deterrent yet I am still looking at houses that can accommodate our new guests. You husband being an rn and you almost as well give you a little more latitude than your non medical assisted living facilities. Cautioning that you don't want to cross into the skilled nursing facility category without great headaches.