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  1. I am an LPN in Las Vegas and am thinking about starting a mobile weight loss service....Basically the initial visit I would do weight, blood pressure, measurements, fat %, and BMI. I would encourage healthy eating habits and also collect data to find the source or reason for the weght gain. I would do weekly follow ups, provide counseling and encouragement. I am just reaching out for more ideas and services I can provide within my scope as an LPN. Also am I able to sale vitamin supplements to my clients?
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  3. by   Yiggs
    I think the mobile weight loss is a good idea but I would not get involved in "selling" vitamins. I would probably give them a list and let them choose and get it themselves. I think there is a liability involved if someone takes a vitamin you sell them and have an adverse effect or any side effect for that matter. It is easy for them to say if you hadn't sold it to them they would not have taken it. How do you plan to get your clients? All the best.